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Sunny and warm weather brings trees, grasses and flowers in bloom.  Although we welcome this springtime warmth and want children to play outside as much as possible, the pollens in the air are hard to avoid causing much discomfort for those with seasonal allergies.  Runny nose, sneezing, itchy nose and watery eyes are often quite bothersome for children.  School performance and sleep also may be affected by these seasonal allergies.  For relief from these symptoms, over the counter antihistamines can be helpful-try Zyrtec(cetirizine), Claritin(loratadine) or Allegra(fexofenadine) as needed.  Sleeping with closed windows and washing hands or changing clothes after coming indoors can help too. 

If your child is not better when using the over the counter medications, please call to schedule an appointment to discuss other remedies.  We want your child to enjoy the warmer weather instead of suffering from it.