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Asthma Symptoms? We Can Help!

Asthma in GrayslakeAsthma is a chronic respiratory condition that causes difficulty in breathing. The lungs spasm and become inflamed, causing the child to wheeze, trying to catch his breath. Doctors believe that asthma is caused by allergies or hypersensitivity to environmental conditions that make the lungs swell and tighten. An attack may be brought on by other factors, like stress or fear. When children suffer from this condition it is particularly concerning because they are more likely to participate in high-energy activities like sports and games with peers.

Symptoms Of An Asthma Attach Include:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Tightness in the chest
  • Wheezing and gasping for air
  • Coughing at night

Mundelein Pediatrics Asthma Medication & Treatment

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Asthma Treatments

Of course the most pressing question on the minds of parents who have children with asthma is how to treat it successfully so that it doesn’t disrupt their lives. Your pediatrician’s office prescribes asthma medication (inhalers) for fast relief and may also prescribe long-term therapies (like Sublingual Immunotherapy, which may help boosts a person’s resistance to allergens) aimed at reducing the instances of asthma attacks over time.

Get Help from Your Pediatrician

For asthma education and treatments, parents are encouraged to seek the assistance of their local pediatrician. Each pediatrician and their staff are committed to providing the very best care and therapies for children who are managing asthma symptoms. For more information on our pediatric services, please don't hesitate to give our pediatric office a call at (874) 548-7337.

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