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Common Signs of Childhood Diabetes

Though diabetes is most commonly known for affecting adults, it can, unfortunately, affect children as well. The symptoms of childhood childhood diabetesdiabetes are not always obvious, making it important to be aware of the common signs that your child may have diabetes and be informed about what to do in case you suspect this disease affects your child. Find out more about childhood diabetes and spotting it early with the pediatricians at Mundelein Pediatrics in Grayslake, IL.

What is diabetes? 
Diabetes affects the glucose levels in the blood, causing it to become too high. Blood glucose, or blood sugar, is controlled by a hormone produced by the pancreas called insulin. When the body does not make enough insulin or makes no insulin at all, it causes the blood sugar to rise as the glucose cannot transfer from the blood to the cells. This causes diabetes, which has no cure but is manageable with help from doctors and medications.

Are there different kinds of diabetes? 
If a patient produces no insulin at all, they have Type 1 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes occurs at any age but is more common in children. This condition requires patients to take insulin every day to control their blood sugar level and stay alive. Type 2 diabetes occurs when the body does not make enough insulin and can develop at any age. Type 2 diabetes is the more common type of the condition and is linked to environmental factors like diet, genetics, obesity, certain viruses, and inactivity.

Does my child have diabetes? 
Some of the common signs of diabetes in both children and adults include:

  • increased hunger
  • increased thirst
  • headaches
  • blurred vision
  • unexplained weight loss
  • irritability
  • fatigue

If you notice the symptoms of diabetes in your child, you should schedule an appointment with their pediatrician as soon as possible. Uncontrolled diabetes can cause serious complications like nerve damage, heart disease, damage to the eyes and kidneys, and even skin conditions.

Controlling Childhood Diabetes in Grayslake, IL
Treating diabetes depends on the patient and the type of diabetes they have. Type 1 diabetes requires patients to monitor their blood sugar daily for the rest of their lives. Healthy eating and plenty of exercise are crucial to managing diabetes. Many patients require daily doses of insulin to keep their diabetes under control. Your child’s pediatrician will guide you in finding the best treatment plan for your child.

For more information on childhood diabetes and its treatments, please contact your child’s pediatrician at Mundelein Pediatrics in Grayslake, IL. Call 847-548-7337 to schedule your appointment today!

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