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Posts for: November, 2015

By Mundelein Pediatrics
November 16, 2015
Category: Children's Health
Tags: ADHD  

It's not always easy to sit still and concentrate when you're a child, but when symptoms become severe, the problem may be more than just a little restlessness. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder affects 10 percent of school-age children and can make it difficult to do well at school or make friends. Grayslake IL Pediatrician Jennifer Devaney, M.D., along with Drs. Anita Avila, Mandana Farhadieh, Karin ADHDKallwitz, Shelly Mann and Robert Malloy, answer frequently asked questions about ADHD.

What are the symptoms?

Symptoms vary based on the type of ADHD, but children who have the disorder may:

  • Have difficulty sitting still
  • Become lost in daydreams
  • Have trouble waiting for a turn
  • Forget things
  • Talk too much
  • Be disorganized
  • Make careless mistakes
  • Run or explore when it's not appropriate
  • Be easily distracted

What are the different types of ADHD?

Children may have one of three types of ADHD:

  • Predominantly inattentive presentation: Children have difficulty paying attention to details, following instructions and organizing and finishing tasks.
  • Predominantly hyperactive-impulsive presentation: These children are in constant motion and often act impulsively. They may interrupt other people, fail to listen to directions or may have more accidents than other children because they take too many risks.
  • Combined presentation: If your child has a combined presentation, he or she will show symptoms of both of the above types.

How can I help my child?

If you suspect that your child has ADHD, make an appointment with his or her pediatrician. Behavior therapy and medications can help control the symptoms that make it difficult for your child to succeed in school and maintain friendships. Every child with ADHD is truly unique. Finding the best combination of therapy and medications may take some time, and you may need to make some changes throughout the years to ensure that your child's needs are being met at every age.

Worried that your child may suffer from ADHD? Call Grayslake IL Pediatrician Jennifer Devaney, M.D. at (847) 548-7337. She or her colleagues Drs. Anita Avila, Mandana Farhadieh, Karin Kallwitz, Shelly Mann and Robert Malloy will perform a thorough examination of your child and offer recommendations that will help improve his or her behavior.