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By Mundelein Pediatrics
May 13, 2020
Category: Child's Health
Tags: allergies  

Suffering is something that all parents wish their children wouldn’t have to go through but this is what happens when a child has an unmanaged allergy. Although any kid could develop allergies, they’re more prevalent in kids that have a history of allergies in the family. And because it’s not possible for you to control every single thing that your children eat or is exposed to, you should focus your energy on keeping track of your child’s symptoms.

Prompt identification of allergies and their specific triggers will greatly enhance your children’s quality of life. If you’re struggling to control your child’s allergies, you can consult with one of our pediatricians here at Mundelein Pediatrics in our Grayslake, IL, practice. With that said, aside from making certain lifestyle adjustments, your pediatrician may likewise recommend one or two of the following treatments to help manage your child’s allergies.

Anti-Allergy Medications

If avoiding all your child’s triggers are not possible every single minute of every day, your pediatrician may recommend medications for controlling his symptoms. The most common allergy medicines include antihistamines and decongestants. This help minimize itching, a runny nose, stuffy nose, and sneezing. Antihistamines likewise work to prevent the release of certain chemicals responsible for triggering allergies. Additionally, corticosteroids can help treat inflammation inside the nose.

Your pediatrician in Grayslake, IL, will work closely with you to figure out the best combinations of medications that will work for your child’s specific symptoms.

Immunotherapy for Controlling Allergies

Depending on what kind of allergy your child suffers from, you could actually train your child’s body to be less sensitive to his allergy triggers using immunotherapy. This allergy treatment is particularly effective for treating allergies to environmental substances like pollen, bee venom, and dust mites. Immunotherapy is available in several types including allergy shots, allergy tablets, and allergy drops. The treatment entails giving your child doses of his specific allergen in gradually increasing doses.

This incremental increase will result in your child’s immune system to produce antibodies that will make his body less sensitive to his allergy trigger, reducing his symptoms when he encounters that trigger in the future. Consistent immunotherapy will likewise minimize inflammation from asthma and rhinitis. Do note though that immunotherapy is typically recommended when individuals seem to have selective sensitivities to several different allergens.

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