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Print out the spreadsheet for a handy reminder of when the next well child exam and immunizations are due.  Remember, these dates are only approximations. Please call the office to schedule your appointment. 


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Your Baby’s Required Exams: Tests For: Discussion Points:
1 week   Feeding
Weight Gain
Car Seat Safety
1 month   Sleep Pattern 
  Weight Gain
  Stool Pattern
2 months     
  Infant Interaction
  Baby Sitters
  Injury Prevention
  Sleep Pattern 
4 months    
  Motor Skills
  Sibling Jealousy
6 months    
  Childproofing Home
  Motor Skills
  Sun Screen
  Introducing Solid Foods
  Cup Use
  Weaning Night Time Feeding 
Vision Test  
9 months   Dental Care
Lead Level Appetite Changes
Anemia Test Lead Exposure
ASQ developmental screen Sleep Issues
12 months   Water Safety
  Separation Anxiety
  Transitioning to Whole Milk
  Car Seat
15 months   Temper Tantrums
  Bedtime Rituals
  Following Commands
18 months   Vocabulary
Lead Level Safety
Anemia Test Helping with Tasks
ASQ developmental screen Toilet Training
24 months Vision Test Combining Words
ASQ developmental screen Nutrition/Cholesterol
  Social Skills
30 months N/A Developmental Milestones
  Motor Skills
  Verbal Skills
3 Years (and annually until age 18) Blood Pressure Dental Care
Vision Test Safety
  Age Appropriate Topics
**Please note that these are suggested dates, not actual appointments. To schedule your appointment, call our office at 847-548-7337. 

Download our well child visit schedule here.