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Cold Vs. Flu

Cold Vs. Flu Is it a cold or the flu? When it comes to your child's health, Read More

Common Sports Injuries and How Your Pediatrician Help

Even though you try as hard as possible to keep your child safe while they are Read More

Treating Whooping Cough

What's one of most dangerous diseases to threaten young children? It's whooping cough, or pertussis, a severe bacterial infection of Read More

What to Expect at a Sports Physical

Your child is eager to start the school year so they can participate in sports. That’s Read More

What is ADHD?

Do you parent a child age 6 to 17 who just can't sit still, concentrate, or Read More

Common Signs of Childhood Diabetes

Though diabetes is most commonly known for affecting adults, it can, unfortunately, affect children as well. Read More

Tips for Asthma Care for Your Child

Find out why a pediatrician is the medical expert you need to manage your child’s asthma symptoms. If you Read More

What You Should Know About ADHD

When it comes to your child, a diagnosis of any kind can be scary or cause Read More

Signs You Child May Have an Undiagnosed Allergy

Does your child frequently experience nasal congestion, itchy eyes or a sore throat? Allergies may be Read More

What Types of Immunizations are There?

What kind of immunizations are there? Frankly, there are a lot more than in past years Read More

Signs Your Child Has Asthma

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that 8.4 percent of American children have some Read More

Scheduling Your Child’s Annual Physical

Make sure your child sees their pediatrician once a year for their physical exam. A physical exam Read More

Is That A Cold or Allergies?

It is not always easy to determine whether your child has a cold or allergies. The Read More

How to Help Your Child Cope with Allergies

Don’t let allergies get the better of your little one. Here are some ways to reduce Read More

Signs Your Child May Have ADHD

Wondering if your child’s fidgeting and inattentiveness could be due to ADHD? It seems like everywhere we Read More

Get Help From Your Pediatrician If Your Child Has Asthma

What your pediatrician in Grayslake wants you to know about asthma in children If your child has Read More

Viewing 161 - 176 out of 183 posts


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