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Posts for: November, 2016

By Mundelein Pediatrics
November 02, 2016
Category: Children's Health
Tags: ADHD   behavioral counseling  

Wondering if your child’s fidgeting and inattentiveness could be due to ADHD?

It seems like everywhere we turn we hear about ADHD (known as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). With the growing use of ADHDelectronics and the ease of getting everything from movies to video games with just the click of a button, it can sometimes be hard to tell if our children’s lack of attention stems from ADHD or just being inundated with our fast-paced world. Our Grayslake, IL pediatricians have the answers you’ve been looking for.

What are some warning signs that I should look out for?

Yes, it is normal for children to be inattentive sometimes. However, there are some telltale signs that there could be something more going on.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, if your child shows any of these behaviors for at least six months and they are under the age of 7, it might be time to visit our Grayslake children’s doctor:

  • Your child just can’t stop squirming: They always need to move their arms or legs or hands. It feels like they just don’t stop moving.
  • They can’t sit for any period of time: Children with ADHD have a lot of issues just sitting still. You may notice that your child just always need to be up and moving and just can’t seem to stay in their seat.
  • Your child doesn’t seem to learn from past mistakes or experiences: It may feel like you’ve told them the same thing a hundred times but they just don’t seem to listen.
  • Your child seems restless: It might go hand-in-hand with not being able to sit still, but you also notice that your child needs to run or climb on things all the time.
  • Your child can’t patiently wait their turn: Sure it could just be the excitement of playing a board game, but if you find that your child is cutting to the front of the line all the time or just can’t seem to wait for other people to take their turn during game night this could be a warning sign.
  • Your child doesn’t seem to care who’s speaking: they need to interrupt often: They may blurt out answers in class without raising their hands or cut someone off without even realizing that they did it.
  • Your child has issues following directions.
  • Your child often loses things, whether it’s their homework, a favorite toy or a schoolbook: Your child just seems forgetful a lot of the time.
  • Your child is unorganized: While children can certainly be messy, a child with ADHD just can’t seem to stay organized, which often means that it’s difficult for them to complete a task.

These are all symptoms that children can be known to exhibit at some point, so we don’t want you to be too worried. However, if your child is exhibiting these symptoms often and it’s affecting their daily life, it’s time to turn to Mundelein Pediatrics in Grayslake, IL for a proper assessment.